Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MY DESIGN FILES: Windsor Smith

When we renovated our house several years ago, I had to finally narrow down the look & feel I wanted when redesigning our kitchen.  Singularly, Windsor Smith's kitchen was my greatest influence.  And, it too, was featured in House Beautiful (hope somebody from HB is reading this week..clearly, my love is true!).  Here they both are!

Windsor Smith
Windsor Smith
Windsor Smith
Gwen Driscoll
Gwen Driscoll
Gwen Driscoll
Gwen Driscoll
Have a great day!

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

MY DESIGN FILES: Helene Aumont

And more tear sheets I've been saving & still loving...   I can say few have meant as much to me as the home of interior designer, Helene Aumont.  This farm in San Ynez was featured in House Beautiful many years ago & I've held on tight.  Everything about these spaces speak to me.  

Instantly you know it's a family pristine museum here, though it's filled with exquisite antiques & art.  I love the colors, layered quality & most of all, the dive in feel that oozes from these pictures.  This is a home that will forever stay in my design file.

Aumont Sitting Room
I love the leather chairs, coffee table & interior drapery.  Stunning!

Aumont Dining Room
Aumont Veranda
How about having every meal on this veranda?  I think I could handle it.  Watch her video below, it's inspiring.

Aumont Pool
I love this fountain at the foot of the pool.  Magnificent!

Aumont Barn
No words necessary...just no words!

Aumont Master Bedroom
Aumont Master Bedroom
And, of all rooms in this home I love, it's the Master Bedroom.  I used this room as my sole inspiration for our Master Bedroom.  I still love it today...wish ours had a fireplace!  And still need a beautiful rug...working on it.

Driscoll Master Bedroom
Driscoll Master Bedroom

What do you think?  Do you love it as much as I do?

This is an amazing video of Helene giving a tour of her special home.  You can also visit her website here.  Enjoy!

We'll talk soon.


Monday, February 27, 2012

MY DESIGN FILES: Montecito Farmhouse

Occurred to me as I was leaving for the Design Bloggers Conference in LA I needed to create posts for the week.  Well, all I can say is this, "When you're going to be in the midst of some of the most talented blog minds's daunting to figure out what to blog about!".

I thought it might be fun to share my tear sheets I've kept for years..not for client projects..but for my very own.  And, ironically, so much that is in MY DESIGN FILES, is from homes in California.  Michael & I honeymooned, travel there regularly & spend summer vacation in California.  So, suffice it to say, the sunshine state & lifestyle has greatly influenced my design.  Here goes...

This house was in House Beautiful a long time ago...I saved it because I loved the grounds, configuration of the different structures on the property & the pea gravel drive...WANT!

And, interestly enough, it's for sale in Montecito where we summer vacation...knew I loved this house way back when.  Best find of late, the floor plan below of house & property.   I'm saving this for LIKE ever because if I ever build, this floor plan is it!

Montecito Farmhouse
Is somebody kidding me?  Dream...

Montecito Farmhouse

Love the driveway!
Montecito Farmhouse

The idea of a great hall with two fireplaces as the center of a home is masterful design to me!  See floorplan below.

This would be my dream to build!  Truly...Michael, are you reading?  Know he would love it too.

Montecito Farmhouse

I know, the architecture & decor are a little fussy for my taste...but that floorplan can't be denied!  If you want to see more, here is the real estate listing.  More tomorrow.  Have a great day!

We'll talk soon.


Sunday, February 26, 2012


So, Penny for Your Thoughts on this beauty?  Would you take it?

We'll talk soon.


Friday, February 24, 2012

TODAY'S BLOG LOVE: Brabourne Farm

I can always count on Leigh of Brabourne Farm to deliver loads & loads of beautiful inspiration.  She writes from her magnificent Brabourne Farm in the South Highlands region of Australia.  Her amazing eye chooses photo after photo of stunning design that I rarely don't pin like crazy!

These images are of Leigh's farm in Australia, her gardens are exquisite, the flowers perfect and I'm gobsmacked by the whole spread, TRULY!

Brabourne Farm
Brabourne Farm
Brabourne Farm
Brabourne Farm
Leigh features regularly other sophisticated, charming & rustic design inspiration:  all three descriptors of imagery I love.  Here are examples of what her refined eye picks!

Brabourne Farm Image

Brabourne Farm Image

Brabourne Farm Image

Brabourne Farm Image

If these images make you swoon, go visit Leigh's Brabourne Farm here.  She doesn't disappoint!

We'll talk soon,


Images courtesy of Brabourne Farm

Thursday, February 23, 2012

All NEW RHS: Focus=curated design + modern sense

It's with great excitement I'm introducing the NEW & IMPROVED RAGLAND HILL SOCIAL.  I hope our blog updates give you, our valued readers, more information & access than ever before.  RHS' accent color is green...I thought it only appropriate to  intersperse beautiful green images while sharing this information.

Our new tag line is curated design + modern sense.  This perfectly describes DRISCOLL DESIGN GROUP's timeless design style for today.

 So, here we go:


There are new subject headers across the top of blog.  Posts are now categorized in these headers making your search for information easier.

  • Fete.  Features all things party, holiday, entertaining, fun events I've attended, get the picture!
  • Trek.  Travel, what else?
  • Design.  This is the largest category featuring the work of DDG & so many others who inspire me daily.
  • Finds.  Features beloved sources that I find useful & interesting.
  • Play.  Catch all for the fun we have daily!

See our new Social Media icons in green on the right side bar?  

These are your navigation tools to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email & receive RHS in your RSS reader.  Please join us in other ways for more 

curated design + modern sense.  

We love being connected!

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Look for fun things like giveaways, special product features, etc. on the right side bar. Click there to learn more about our current giveaway with The Curtain Exchange of Memphis.


There are two new green buttons on the right side bar.

 The "ASK GWEN" series has already been a huge success.  You can read the first post I did here & another is coming soon.  Need a design question answered?  Please send me an email with "ASK GWEN" in the subject header.  We'll periodically choose from submitted questions & post on it.  I love to share our wealth of knowledge on so many design related subjects.

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There is also the Magazine Library & Daily Read section for your reading pleasure.  These are my favorite sites I regularly visit for inspiration.


I know these improvements will help you enjoy RHS daily.  Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so loyal, sending such encouraging comments, emails & phone calls.  I love each & every step of this new adventure & can't wait for what the future holds.  Stay tuned...there is always something new on the horizon here!

We'll talk soon.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

CURTAINS: How-To Tips for the Perfect Curtain

As many of you know, we have an awesome giveaway with The Curtain Exchange running through the end of this month.  Here are some of my tips for creating beautiful curtains..the Gwen Driscoll way!

Driscoll Design Group
How-To TIPS:
  1. Design your curtains last.  I want curtains to be the perfect finishing touch for any space I design.
  2. Choose a luscious, simple fabric that will ground your space & add the balance a space needs.
  3. Curtains should frame a window with simplicity.  9 out of 10 spaces I design have beautiful vistas beyond the window.  Curtains should frame that vision.
  4. Dramatic curtains are a must.  Billowy, full, well inner-lined & lined are details that create the simple drama I love.  No need for busy patterns that complicate things.
  5. Always hang your curtain hardware as high as it can go in a space.  This creates a long, lean curtain that adds power to a space, without overpowering it.
  6. Add a tape or trim feature if you want a little more bling.  Keep it simple & elegant, it always works.
  7. Hang your curtain hardware anywhere between 5-10" off each side of the window.  This allows your curtain panel to hang just on the glass & not impede the beautiful views beyond.
  8. Use iron rods & rings that have a natural iron, antique brass/bronze or silver leaf/pewter finish.  Rings, finials & brackets should also complement the simple rod design.
  9. Hire an expert curtain fabricator to sew your window treatments.  I only use the best!
  10. Hire an expert installer to hang your curtains.   This, truly, makes all the difference in the finished product.

Driscoll Design Group
If you aren't a designer or work with an interior designer, The Curtain Exchange is the perfect source for you.  They have amazingly beautiful fabrics to choose from & curtain panels ready to take home & try before you buy.

You can win a pair of 100% dupioni silk curtains with a value of $700 through the end of this month.

Here's how to win:
  1. Visit The Curtain Exchange of Memphis & enter the in store drawing.
  2. "Like" the official The Curtain Exchange page on Facebook by clicking here, "Like" The Curtain Exchange of Memphis Facebook page here, "Like" Ragland Hill Social Facebook page here.
  3. Go to the Ragland Hill Social Facebook page here & comment so I'll know you've entered the contest.
Hope you've enjoyed these tips!  Always visit Ragland Hill Social for more design tips..we like to share the wealth!

We'll talk soon.


Images courtesy of Driscoll Design Group

Monday, February 20, 2012

SNEAK PEEK: Fresh, Layered & Lovely!

It's a sneak peak...such a great project, so excited to wrap it up soon & have a photo shoot!  It's fresh, pretty, layered & so lovely.  Best part...some happy, special peeps live here!

Driscoll Design Group

What about this tiny color-filled painting?

Driscoll Design Group

What about this beautiful bowl?

Driscoll Design Group

Ooh la-la...what about this chair?

Do you like it so far?  Want to see more?  Let me know....

We'll talk soon.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

DBC HALL OF FAME: Best New Blogs...all so good!

The 2nd Annual Design Bloggers Conference (DBC) is just a week away.  It will be an amazing event & great opportunity to hear from some of the best design minds in the business.  Most excited to meet face to face so many I feel like I know as great friends.

The DBC has a Hall of Fame each year.  One of the feature categories is Best New Blog.  For those of you who blog, you know how much work goes into it, but also how great the reward.

Congratulations to these amazing women for taking the blog plunge & creating delight for all who read each day.  Introducing the nominees:

Nominee #1.  DEC-A-PORTER by Jennifer Mehditash

Jennifer & her amazing blog highlight all things beautiful in design, including Jennifer's own work.  She is based in the New York/Connecticut area after living all over the world.  Go visit DEC-A-PORTER here.

Nominee #2.  SASHAY by Meredith Heron

Meredith's blog, SASHAY, is full of inspiration & beauty.  Many projects & exciting topics are part of her regular posts which make for a great read.  This is an image of a sketch by Meredith.  Go visit SASHAY here.

Nominee #3.  ACE OF SPACE by Vicki Bolick

ACE OF SPACE is written by Vicki Bolick, interior designer from Atlanta.  Her blog features insightful posts on all things design related.  Visit ACE OF SPACE here.

Nominee #4.  THE COW SPOT by Courtney Foster

Courtney is a Kitchen & Bath Designer in Atlanta.  THE COW SPOT features projects she's working on or inspiration from other design projects.  Go visit THE COW SPOT here.

Nominee #5.  MICHELLE LEE INTERIORS by Michelle Lee

Michelle writes her blog about interior decorating & her DIY projects.  Go visit her blog here.
I hope you enjoy all these new blog finds.  I loved reading each & every one.

We'll talk soon.


P.S.  There are still a few slots left for the Design Bloggers Conference.  Visit DBC to register here.  It's going to be really fun!

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