Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DAY 2: Tips on MATTRESS BALL Curation & some Modern Sense

designing for THE MATTRESS BALL continues...

tip five.
Big bag is in order..pull fabrics that build your color story, in this case, Farrow & Ball's Haque Blue for walls & neutral earthy tones.  Pull textures, types & prints that work together but don't match.  Don't forget trims, wallpapers & rug options.  Carve out those hours...this bag came from our fabric room of thousands.  I bag it because if I don't finish...GASP...I take it home.  It's good to walk away & come back with fresh perspective too.
Good thing I do Pilates or I'd have a hunch back from carrying these around day in day out.

tip six.
Sort fabrics in stacks based on color & pattern.  Figure out your solids first, then add the design punch up.  Solids are key, place on big pieces like beds, drapery & sofas.  Modern sense keeps things clean & concise only using patterned textiles in small doses.  See how busy this palette looks?  In reality, all those patterned goods will be pillows or throws.   The thought of bathing a sofa in that patterned madness makes my eyes hurt & heart race.  Small dose = PERFECTION!  You then have to figure out how all this is getting made:  what style, pleat, tuft, puff, stuff, etc.  I'll say it again...carve out some time, it's complex & isn't for the faint at heart!
Some of my favorites here...Quadrille, Scali, Sam & Sons, Stark, & Schumacher...it's an "S" convention!

tip seven.
My favorite part of the process...find amazing objects, art, mirrors, whatever your heart desires to add the crowning jewels to your space.  I love a mix...pick one thing to really spend some CASH MONEY on...key piece of art?  Then fill in with flea market, ETSY, catalog or antique shop finds.

Abstract painting by Amanda Talley, geodes & pottery give this space a layered feel.

Pair of mirrors will function like windows behind beside tables.

Love to use metals in projects...it's all about the mix of metals too!

If you're hyperventilating, sent to bed with migraine or thinking, "this is a whipper" after reading...just hire your favorite designer...or if design is your passion & you're a DIY'er...get busy, you've got a lot of work to do!

Rock on PEEPS, go bond with a designer (most are worth every penny) or decorate away...two choices!

We'll talk soon,


Monday, January 30, 2012

DAY 1: Tips on MATTRESS BALL Curation (& some Modern Sense)

designing for  THE MATTRESS BALL you say...

This project is a master bedroom, bathroom, closet & powder room renovation.  We were called to sweep the DDG magic wand & create a rich, layered handsome space that has all the softness a lady requires.  It's going to be fabulous once installed & a perfect project to give you our tips.  Here goes...

tip one.
Carve out gobs of time to find inspiration images to start your process...there's one image here but I looked at hundreds to arrive upon perfection...our client loved it!  We're off to the races.

Inspiration room for master bedroom design...love the colors & bed.
tip two.
Work out floor plan & determine the pieces that are "given" (already in your possession), where they're going & everything else in your new space.  Pay close attention to the scale of items.  It can make or break your room.

Antique chest & pretty chair that needs upholstery...these items were first to be placed in the floor plan.
tip three.
Select new furniture considering your needs list.  Lots of needs here, the bed will be designed like the one in the above image.  Items should talk to each other but not say the same thing, BORING!  This room isn't large which presents the challenge of finding pieces with proper size & look.  Again, carve out the hours...these 4 pieces were chosen from hundreds.

We're adding a beautiful boxed bay window where this sofa will reside...other pieces for bedside tables & such.
tip four.
Create a lighting story that has a common language but again, doesn't match.  Scale here is key.  Everything shouldn't be the same size but not drastically different either.
Come back tomorrow for the rest of The MATTRESS BALL Curation Tips...it's the REALLY pretty stuff!

We'll talk soon,


Sunday, January 29, 2012

California Dreamin'

I'm traveling to LA at the end of February for the Design Bloggers Conference & I can't wait.  We summer vacation in Santa Barbara & I'm trying to figure out how to buzz there for a couple of days too.

This amazing house called The Glass Pavilion is in Montecito.  Enjoy these images...so cool & only in CALI!

You can see more about The Glass Pavilion here.

Have a great week.  Posts this week with Curated Design + Modern Sense tips.  Stay tuned!

We'll talk soon.


Friday, January 27, 2012

Penny for Your Thoughts?

And this bathroom has about everything I love...an ordered mix, just the way I like it!
A little pretty...see the venetian mirror reflecting in the pine one above the tub?

A little funk...chandelier.

A little age...pine mirror above tub.

A little rough (just a little)..planking on wall.

But mostly, refined, clean & spare....aaah...want to bathe here!

What do you think?

We'll talk soon.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

BEST FIND: Rustica Hardware does Barn!

I'm always on the hunt for good sources on all topics related to design & interiors. This amazing door & hardware is being installed in a project very soon...thought you all would enjoy seeing these images. Rustica Hardware is your go-to source for the barn look in a sophisticated interpretation. Rustic options & finishes are available but I like it clean, crisp & concise just as you see it here.

Rustica Hardware's Industrial Barn Door Hardware
Detail shot of Rustica Hardware
Lots of finishes to choose from here
Pretty stainless steel
Love this handle too
What about the tube hardware?

Check out Rustica Hardware. You won't be disappointed!

We'll talk soon.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

STAND OUT...Write, Just Sayin' w/ Your Hand.

I know you think you don't have time...I think the same thing too.

I love to save notes...have a file at home & pin them on a huge bulletin board at our office.

But, if you want to be a stand out these days...there's one SURE FIRE way to do it...


There's something very special about this practice....
  1.  Open your box of beautiful custom notecards, peel back the tissue paper & gaze.
  2.  Take a deep breath for the first time in your insane day.
  3.  Focus for 5 minutes. 
  4.  Put pen to paper & express yourself.  
Every single one of those acts is positive for you & the receiver of your words.  In days gone by, the single most intimate form of spilling your guts was in the written word.

It's self-expression staring back at you in an instant & it's your signature style going out into the world, person to person.

My favorite notecards are from IOMOI...aren't they swell?

I'll admit, the nuttier my life has become with busy hubby + child, growing business, social media, & just down-right forcing a little me time...my note writing practice has suffered.  But, I intend to resume this practice pronto & if I don't have anyone to thank, then I'm going to write said person to let them know of my admiration & love (can't imagine I wouldn't have someone to thank).  Otherwise, those beautiful notes are just collecting dust!

Come on...it takes 5 minutes to write that note...give yourself a goal..one a day, one a week..promise you'll benefit too!

If you've really slipped & don't have a box to open, here are some of my favorite picks...notecards have come a long way baby!


From Sugar Cookie Cards, love, owner, Ashley Baine...she rocks!

From INK + WIT

And, it doesn't have to be all serious & formal.  The point is to connect on a human level (that doesn't involve technology) & exercise a little old-school charm...what's better?  Bet someone will THANK YOU for their THANK YOU note next time they see you!

We'll talk soon,


Images courtesy of moi, Gadabout, Sugar Cookie Cards & INK + WIT

Sunday, January 22, 2012

How to get Curated Design + Modern Sense? Today it's about the Mix!

I feel like a CHEATER when I go to market...all those lovely antique pieces sitting across town in shops just waiting for their LOVER to arrive...& I give them the Heisman!

Don't get me wrong, the Atlanta Mart was great.  You could see from our market picks all the loot to ponder & place.  But, that category of items is just one piece of my equation.  I love things with a modern sense, new, hot off the design press & yes, at market.

But, I'm confessing...my first & true love is ANTIQUES!  And, you never, ever forget your first love, DO YOU?

I believe aged, beautiful things just scream, "SHOW ME THE LOVE!".  I use them in a current way, perfect for today's design.  By placing antiques in a clear, concise & edited environment they instantly feel fresh, more of silhouette than buried under 50 pieces of Herend & screaming for air!  

Every residential project I design has that perfect mix of modern & curated goods, one doesn't feel right without the other.  Here is an example of a room we designed recently that shows just that...

(fresh white walls + stained concrete floor + little or no molding)
(antique oriental rug + mirror + large jardiniere + commode)
(abstract art + modern bench)

In 2012, I not only plan to feature beautiful images of our work & others, but to help our readers understand our design process, what makes DDG's work unique & why it has the look & feel we call:  CURATED DESIGN + MODERN SENSE.

Come back to RAGLAND HILL SOCIAL regularly for tips, sources, inspiration & much more on our design philosophy.

It's going to be really good, don't miss it, EVER!

We'll talk soon,


P.S. Still racked w/ cheater's guilt!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Penny for Your Thoughts?

I LOVE the silhouette of this table!  What do you think?

We'll talk soon.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Creative Youth....

For those of you who are parents, if your like me, ponder regularly, "Wonder what she'll be when she grows up?".  I was amazed when I downloaded my pictures & found these taken by the youngest Driscoll.  I was thrilled with her creativity & thought they were pretty good pictures for a 10 year old.  Here's to sharing youthful creativity!  Will she be a photographer?

I'm thinking this is liquid dishwashing soap.  Pretty cute?

If her mother had more than grocery store flowers around, this could have been better!

Interesting perspective...


more detail...

& more detail shots.

Bless their hearts...so close with all those wrinkles & gray hair!

Self portrait...

My parents always nurtured my creative so I'll continue to do the same.

We'll talk soon.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

BEST OF MARKET: Our Picks Day 2

More shopping today....it's amazing how many things you have to see to find the diamonds in the rough.  We walked, talked, stalked (goods, that is) & now flopped!  Enjoy the rest of Market Picks from today.

We got trapped in the stairwell, Ann...calm, cool, collected..me, well, you know, not that.
More on that later!

Go visit my Pinterest page here to see all our picks!

We'll talk soon,



Ann & I have had a great market trip.  Yesterday was fun, lots to see, touch & feel.  We also attended a great lecture on the World of Blog with Christiane Lemieux of Dwell Studio, Heather Clawson of Habitually Chic & Maxwell Gillingham Ryan  of Apartment Therapy....such great insight from the pros of social media.

Here are some of our picks so far.  Off today to search more great finds...

Go to my Pinterest page here to see more of our Market Picks!

We'll talk soon,


Friday, January 13, 2012

ASK GWEN: What to do with my Apartment Terrace?

I thought it only appropriate I would introduce our ASK GWEN series with a post that's long overdue for an old friend who emailed & asked this question, "I'm living in Venice, Italy & have beauty surrounding me, but I really miss a green space like we had in Kentucky.  What can I do with my apartment terrace?  So, AJP, this is for you!

The friend I speak of grew up directly across the street from me.  We had an amazing childhood, free to roam & explore on foot or wheel (bike, that is) until sundown.  The two of us, along with another great neighbor friend, had so much fun summer after summer.  I miss those days, full of youth & spirit.  It was great to hear from her.

Below are some beautiful terraces to inspire you & get your wheels turning.  As an artist, this friend, will be able to launch a creative plan from these images & thoughts for certain.
Obviously, green live things are really important to add to your terrace.
Can you say watering can?

I love this arbor to walk through when entering your outdoor space.

Some beautiful architectural elements would be a great start.  Just make sure the boys can't pull them over & hurt themselves!

Love this planter up against the building.  It helps create a feeling of being surrounded by green & not just a wall blank with no statement.

Pick your favorite color & add a splash.  I love this chaise.  It just makes me want to dive in!

Center your seating on the best view you have.  It will make your terrace a desirable spot to hang.

This is a cozy spot with lots of seating & I love the mirror hanging straight ahead.

This is the first of many ASK GWEN posts.  One of my greatest loves of the World of Blog is connecting with those I've never met & reconnecting with people I've known for a lifetime.  I have people email me with questions & this will be my sharing of the wealth.  If there is something that's on your mind & you think I could help solve, all you have to do is ask.  I'll select a question regularly, research it & post my findings.

Submit away!  I'll be waiting.

We'll talk soon.


Images courtesy of Apartment Therapy, The Globe and Mail, Flikr & Remodelista
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