Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy, Happy Halloween!  Here are some last minute inspirations for decor, drinks & delicious goodies.  Love them all!

Go to my Pinterest page here for source info on images & more Halloween ideas.  I hope everyone has a happy & safe night!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oh, Atlanta! Palate Cleanse.

I've been in Atlanta all week working on projects and shopping for clients.  Though I've been coming to Atlanta since college, I'm constantly amazed with every trip how many beautiful houses there are....street, after street, after street.  They go on for miles!

Architecture and design definitely have a certain vibe, at least, what I'm drawn to admire.  It's classic, clean and just down right good (I mean GREAT).  It's a palate cleanse for certain, lots of fresh, clear color, white abounds and clean design a must.  

Here are some "street gems" to ponder and images of work from some of Atlanta's greatest talent.  It's inspiring, I leave with renewed spirit for my work every time I visit.

I mean, REALLY?

Classic, lovely and home!!!

Gem of a gem.


Timeless, true and one-of-a-kind.

Who wouldn't want to call this home?

Atlanta's design talent abounds.  These designers have a special magic and continue to inspire year after year.  I'm always amazed at the attention to detail and quality Atlanta designers exhibit.  Truly amazing!  Enjoy these images.  Perfection!

Jackye Lanham

Go here to visit more of Jackye's work.

Phoebe Howard

Go here to visit more of Phoebe's work.

Lori Tippins

Go here to visit more of Lori's work.

Meg Adams

Go here to visit more of Meg's work.

Barbara Westbrook

Go here to visit more of Barbara's work.

Christy Dillard

Go here to visit more of Christy's work.

Suzanne Kasler

Go here to visit more of Suzanne's work.

Alison Womack Jowers & Cheryl Jowers

Go here to visit more of Alison & Cheryl's work.

Melanie Turner

Go here to visit more of Melanie's work.

Amy D. Morris

Go here to visit more of Amy's work.

One of the great blog reads is Things to Inspire written by Holly Street.  She covers the best of Atlanta regularly and always has the inside scoop.  Go here to visit her blog. 

I'm leaving here with many finds, exciting things for my special clients and inspiration enough until I return again soon.  Thanks Atlanta for all your hospitality.  It goes unmatched!

We'll talk soon.


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