Monday, May 16, 2011

ACRE: Welcoming YOU Very, Very Soon!

As many of you know, the project we so fondly know as ACRE is almost complete.  It's been an exhilarating project, one that has happened with the hard work and commitment of many, many, MANY special people.

I'm constantly amazed at how truly blessed I am to have such an enormously rewarding job (is it really a job?!? pinch, pinch)!  A fabulous team was assembled, I'm saying it's been four years now, to make this wonderful project a reality.  Starting with Mary & Frank Stanley's vision and determination, ACRE, piece by creative piece, is now ready to open in just another week!

Take a look at this little gem that has now been described as a "tony treehouse", "the Blackberry Farms of Memphis", "another world", "rustic and refined all-in-one", "chic, crusty & just damn cool".  We've traveled hither & yon, stayed up many late nights, spent weekdays and weekends grinding over every little detail and yes, it shows in every nook & cranny.  None of this would have been possible without the amazing partners who now call ACRE home:  Chef Wally Joe & Mary & Frank Stanley.

Each of these truly special people have enriched my life tenfold.  I've learned something new every single day & for that opportunity, I'm really pinching myself!  I'm not sure if other designers feel this way but being stretched to my absolute creative core is the best experience anyone can have.  And this project, my friends, did just that.  I can honestly say, GDD's most amazing team of professionals made this happen & I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.  

More later on the interiors, but for now, enjoy a few snaps of the "acre" & scroll down for what's to come!!!!













And saving the best for last: YUM, sip, sip, YUM!  Wally Joe & Andrew Adams are both not only amazing chefs but some of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.  Let's just say, you'll feel like you've stepped into the most comfortable home on planet Earth.   Interiors are one thing but ENERGY is another:  Wally & Andrew bring "IT" to this place.  

Chef, Partner & General Manager Wally Joe
Executive Chef Andrew Adams

This is the one I want!

Click HERE to visit ACRE's new website.

And, here's your sneak peak!!!  Come visit.

We'll talk soon.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Signature GWEN DRISCOLL: There Is Always Leather

Gwen Driscoll Designs
One of the most interesting things I've gained from writing my blog is turning my mind's eye to focus on my own work.  I have people e-mail me constantly asking for advice regarding home & interiors.  It's flattering others are inspired and want to understand the creative process facilitating our designs.  Professional advice is only available to my clients by ethical standards, but I can give all of you insight into how my brain works, what makes it tick, how I dream it up, etc.

There are many times my team looks at me with a quizzical gaze and says, "Where did you come up with that?".  Sometimes it's brilliant, sometimes it's hair-brained but it's always a creative spin on normal.  I think that's what makes any designer's creation his/her own:  a comfortable environment to express oneself and see if it sticks or not.  That's what we do each and every day at GDD.
Gwen Driscoll Designs
This is the first of a new blog series:  SIGNATURE GWEN DRISCOLL.  After analyzing my design process, there are many elements that make a project quintessential Gwen Driscoll.  Though no project is ever the same, my design concepts stay true in each and every project.

Leather is always something I gravitate towards when looking at textiles.  I like muted neutral tones, colored playful ones, texture, fur, skin and suede.  You name it, if it's supple, soft and luxurious, it's got my name all over it.

I start every project with inspiration images.  You can see some of those here, as well as GDD items well-placed in projects.  I've also included some exciting things we will incorporate very soon in new projects.  Enjoy each & every one.  I love them all!


Windsor Smith
Amelia Handegan

Rose Tarlow
Celerie Kemble
Palmer Weiss
Amelia Handegan

Melanie Turner
Nestled, Tucked & Happy.

Ted Boerner Sofa for Design Within Reach in "His" Study.
Gwen Driscoll Designs

Edelman Leather Cavallini Purple Shadows 
upholstered an ottoman in a well-loved Family Room.
Gwen Driscoll Designs
Edelman Leather Cashmere Calf Blueish on chairs in a
fabulous Dining Room.The backs are wrapped in a Jim Thompson silk.

Gwen Driscoll Designs
Gwen Driscoll Designs

John Saladino Calla Chairs upholstered 
in Holly Hunt Toscana Leather Pale Grey
for a sophisticated Breakfast Room.
Gwen Driscoll Designs
Design Within Reach Antica Chairs
in a light-filled Morning Room.
Gwen Driscoll Designs
Holly Hunt Brannan Chairs by Christian Liagre
upholstered in Holly Hunt Toscana Sand 
for a spectacular Living Room.
Gwen Driscoll Designs

Keleen Leathers Persuede Me Jungle Jane
upholstered walls in a formal Powder Room.
Gwen Driscoll Designs

Edelman Leather Luxe Calf Pumpkin upholstered
 ottoman for a much needed pop of color in a Dining Room.
Gwen Driscoll Designs

Edelman Leather Cavallini Darkest Brown
upholstered a bench for a stunning Entry Hall.
Gwen Driscoll Designs

Edelman Leather Cavallini Bianco upholstered
Host & Hostess Chairs in a chic Dining Room.
Gwen Driscoll Designs

Soon to be Stuffed, Puffed & Stretched Tight.
Edelman Leather Jumbo Crocodile City Lights Golden Rod
will grace a pair of hexagon ottomans for a charming Living Room.

Edelman Leather Cavallini Cappuccino
will make a pair of stunning Library doors.

Edelman Leather Croc Loco Grande Nightcap
to finish a pair of ottomans for a classy Family Room.

A pair of custom leather lounge chairs
 will flank a beautiful Family Room fireplace.

My Wheels are Turning....

Where can this fabulous statement piece by DesignLush
 upholstered in EL Royal Hide Spring Leaves go?

Can you tell I love tufting and greens of any shade?  
Where could a pair of these 
EL Napa Loco Grass Green
stools be placed?

And these metal doors make a perfect inspiration for 
dreaming up upholstered doors with a special nail detail.
I want them to be in EL Russian Leather Modernaya Vintage 2003.

How fabulous would a screen like this be
upholstered in EL Crocodile City Lights in Dusk?

Ooh, la, la & this headboard upholstered 
in Rose Tarlow Lumina Expresso.  How fabulous?

Every project I design has to have a balance of many elements.  I love the quality leather adds to each room I design.  It's special, sleek, simple and soft.  What more could you want?

Look forward to many more SIGNATURE GWEN DRISCOLL posts.  I hope this has given you some insight into our design philosophy and process.

We'll talk soon.


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