Friday, October 22, 2010

Hmmm....Wish I Could Spend Thanksgiving Here?

I came across this remarkably beautiful lodge & thought, "Can I take my family here for Thanksgiving please?".  I'm so charmed with the architecture, stunning grounds and especially, the adventurous exterior color scheme.  Feast your's a good one.

Heather Clawson of Habitually Chic did a fabulous post on the architect, Peter Pennoyer, here.  I just ordered his new book and, truly, it's one of the best books I've ever seen (and I've got a lot of books)!  You can also visit his website here.

Hope you have a great week!

We'll talk soon,


Images courtesy of Peter Pennoyer Architects

Monday, October 18, 2010

I'll Take One

Aren't these houses spectacular?  Each one called my name for a different reason or season.  An exterior of a home is as important as the interior, it's what you drive up to every night at the end of a long day or, in my case, use as a shuttle stop throughout the day in between meetings, school pick-up, soccer practice and trips to the barn.

Enjoy these I've pulled together because they're awesome! Let me know which is your favorite.

How precious are those windows & doors?

No words!!!!

I think the ivy or fig might be my favorite part of this one.

Rose, gate, wall, house!  Who needs more?

Charming in an urban way.


Think I could spend a lifetime right here.

This is an all-time favorite of mine.  You can read Joni from Cote de Texas' post here regarding this whole house.  It's a great post.

Let me know which one is your favorite.  I always love your feedback.

We'll talk soon.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Well, it has been a long time coming, that is for sure.  Finally, Gwen Driscoll Designs has a fabulous and beautiful website!

I know it seems absurd that it has taken me an entire decade to launch a website.  But, I think you will all agree, when you own a small business & business is good, there are just so many hours in a day to accomplish tasks and clients have always come first for me .  But,  MISSION finally ACCOMPLISHED!

A huge THANK YOU goes out to my patient clients who have allowed me into their homes and given me the space to complete this project.   
I also will be forever grateful to Chesie Breen, contributing editor at House Beautiful and Clover, for encouraging me to photograph my projects professionally. 
Diane Dorrans Saeks of the fabulous blog, The Style Saloniste, gave me great advice and encouragement via copious emails.   
Ronda Carman of All the Best, took time out of her busy schedule to chat with me via phone and email as well.  So to use Chesie's words, "I now have a CALLING CARD" and I am so proud!

It goes without saying that everyone  at Gwen Driscoll Designs has played a huge role in making this happen, so to all of you, I can't thank you enough for keeping the office running and your support.

Here is a sneak peak of what you will see on our site now.  We plan to add images regularly as we finish projects so STAY TUNED!

Click here to visit our site and, please, do tell me what you think.  I always love to hear your thoughts.

Ooh, and check out the November issue of Elle Decor.  We have a project featured in it.  So exciting!

We'll talk soon,


Sunday, October 10, 2010

OH, Lonny!!!

I, like many of you, have read Lonny now for a year.  In the era of wondering "what's coming next" in the publishing world, Lonny is stronger than ever.

I was mesmerized by each and every page in this issue.  Truly, I perused it with a crescendo building experience.  And, I was so HAPPY to see many of my blog friends featured as well.

I've compiled my favorite images, but you must click here to see it all.

Eddie Ross, I believe, is one of the biggest talents in our field to date.  
Click here to visit his blog.

Katie Armour, The Neo-Traditionalist, is one of my favorite blog friends on the planet.  Love that girl!  
Click here to visit her blog.

Love John Robshaw and my ultra-talented friend, Laura Stanley, styled his house.  Isn't it fabulous?  Click here visit John Robshaw.

No words needed to express my love for the following many reasons this post would be loading for days!

Lonny has become a design powerhouse that will be with us for years to come.  It has the perfect mix of inspirational living and real life all wrapped up in one fabulous on-line publication.  

Happy 1st Birthday Lonny.
You Rock the House!

We'll talk soon.


My Heart Swoons for This!

This phenomenal display of soft and rich color gave me pause, literally!  I love everything here from A to Z.  The color combination of greens and blues are perfection.

Enjoy these images of beauty.  I certainly have and will continue to be inspired and charmed here.

Hope you all have had a great weekend and a fabulous week ahead.

We'll talk soon.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ride a Little Horsey Up to Town!

One of my fondest memories of my Dad is him "riding" Lucy on his lap when she was a toddler.  With every line the "ride" got faster and faster ending in peals of laughter.  All Lucy could say was, "Do it again, do it again"!

"Ride a little horsey up to town"

"Walk, Walk, Walk"

"Trot, Trot, Trot"

"Gallop - a, Gallop - a, Gallop - a!"

I guess it's no surprise we return to Kentucky every chance we get to visit friends with a bittersweetness since my Dad is now gone.  I miss him so but will be forever grateful for the love he gave me of "My Old Kentucky Home".

So happy to be visiting great friends, going to Keeneland and the World Equestrian Games.  I'm posting these beautiful images to keep you mesmerized with the amazing color and style of the Kentucky Bluegrass.

I'll be back next week.  Can't wait to fill you in on all the fun.

We'll talk soon.


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