Monday, October 4, 2010

I've Been Living With the Peacocks!

I spent the better part of last week installing a project on a beautiful farm just outside of Memphis.  It's a spectacular place, looks like it should be in Virginia or Kentucky, but here it sits in Grand Junction, TN.

The house is magnificent (can't wait to show you someday soon), with beautiful barns & outbuildings as well....but, a signature feature of this farm are the Peacocks!  They are majestic creatures, the colors are truly a natural masterpiece.  With every pace I walked to my car or the different trucks pulling up with beautiful new things we were installing, there were the peacocks in all their glory.

Ironically, I've had an obsession for quite a while.  I'll never forget my very first personal decor statement many years ago:  a long necked cobalt blue vase with peacock feathers pluming from it.  Ask Amy & Stephanie if you don't believe me....they were my roommates and had to endure all my projects!

Enjoy these beautiful images.  They are just perfect for this time of jewel tone colors ready to ring in the Fall!

Carrie in Sex and the City set off a new found love of peacock blue and feathers in wedding fashion and events.  How beautiful was she here?

Fashion loves all things peacock too!

Remember this beautiful use of peacock feathers in Holiday decor?

And what is better than a peacock blue room?

Do you like any part of a peacock?  Colors, feathers, all of the above...let me hear your thoughts.  I love to know what my readers think.  You inspire me every day!

We'll talk soon.


Images courtesy of Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Veranda, Wedding Bees, Style Me Pretty.


  1. love them as design inspiration, the color, the magnificent design, all a gift from nature. the peacock blue walls are so lovely with the orange pop.

  2. How beautiful and inspirational, Gwen. I have been toying with the idea of painting my family room a rich peacock blue and this seals it for me! Have you seen the new fabric at Calico Corners that features peacock feathers?

  3. Peacock blue! My new fav color! I use peacock feathers in my Christmas tree at the studio to go with the aqua color scheme there. Also Schumacher has a wall paper that is covered in peacock feathers (as well as some that have other feathers) They only sell for about $5000 a roll, but they are magnificient! That color really inspires me! Have a great week, Gwen.

  4. Oh Gwen;
    Are there no more gracious of a bird than these?
    I really love them!
    My sister has them roaming freely around her lakeside neighborhood, also geese and swans!
    So beautiful!

  5. I'm with Sally J - I think I just discovered a new fave.

    And I think this may be the most thorough peacock photo round-up in the history of ever.

  6. Love the feathers mixed in with the bouquets. Have you seen the embroidered peacock feather clutches from Clutch That on etsy. They're beautiful.

  7. What a stunning post. I liked them before but I love them now! Thanks for all the gorgeous inspiration!!
    Sounds like you had a weekend full of eye candy :)

  8. Lots of eye candy here today! I love, love peacock feathers. The colors are so beautiful and they look great in floral arrangements, I have found.
    I had a client who had peacocks, and they are just gorgeous.
    Have a nice day.

  9. I have a serious weakness for peacock feathers...awesome selection of images. :)

  10. I'm dying. This is so beautiful & inspirational. I have the peacocks shown sitting on the white branches, over at my house they sit on my huge Christmas tree. We love the whimsy, but they are also glamourous.
    Love the flowers, the room with the zebra rug +++++. xx's

  11. Gwen, these are breathtaking! I love them! I like the idea of peacocks incorporated into my Christmas theme, will be getting right on that! XX!

  12. Love the peacock blue rooms! And those clutches...and you have piqued my curiosity to the us what you are working on...please! :)

  13. Oh my...these photos are fabulous. What a wonderful post!!

  14. The peacock blue feathers are gorgeous. These images are all beautiful. A very well-thought out and spectacular post.

  15. They say "proud as a peacock" - I say pretty as a peacock! The images are beautiful and I love the peacock wedding touches... I'd definitely consider it if I had to do it all over again!

  16. I have loved forever! I, too, have peacock feathers in a tall teal mirrored vase...oh, dear. And, in the autumn, I love pheasant feathers...wreaths, hats, oh, dear. franki

  17. For Peacock lovers this post was a dream come true. Gosh! that dress with the feathered trane was unbelievable. Thanks so much.

  18. What beautiful eye candy you provided this morning! but aren't peacocks somewhat nasty tempered and, if so, how was it working with them? I haveheard they are used as "guard dogs" on farms and ranches because of their temper.

  19. What a fabulous post!!! Peacock blue is one of my favorite colors. All these images are spectacular but I am beyond in love with the second clutch! And how about the peacock on the wedding cake - now that is a look. And I have always wanted a peacock blue library - maybe that's what you're doing!

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  21. Gwen,
    Love this post! I did a peacock post in the it I declared my love for them in design...what is more gorgeous?

  22. i too adore all things peacock.

    great post!!!


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