Monday, May 24, 2010

Just Pure Love!

I absolutely love this beautiful space.  I, unfortunately, can't place where I bookmarked it, so please let me know if you have seen it before.  This is pure Gwen style, from head to toe.  Enjoy these tonight.  
I love the neutral palette with spikes of color everywhere!
Everything here, from the rug to the chandelier are special to me.  Look at those beautiful natural wood floors.  Perfection!
Another spectacular view.  What about this chic sofa?  Love it.  Again, the floors!
No words!
A light, fresh airy kitchen... and, all those precious deer with antlers peering over the edge of the chandelier.  Love.
There is my little touch of lavender love.  You know I add it in every project I design.  Just a little hit somewhere makes all the difference.  Think what it adds to this hallway.
No words, yet again!
This wall color is beautiful perfection.  I could brush my teeth here daily and be gloriously happy.

I hope you've enjoyed this tour.  I'll be traveling this week back to Rosemary Beach to see our progress over the last month.  I can't wait to see how our project is coming along.  Exciting!

We'll talk soon.



  1. Gorgeous house - I love how the books in the bookshelf are lined up by color!

    Light floors are so tricky to select. Dark floors hide so many imperfections, but light floors show everything - not dirt, but the pattern and quality of the wood.

  2. I am a fan of seeing mirrors capture reflections of pieces. They become art.
    Loved the dark gray and white palette in the bathroom !

  3. Was blogging in bed on battery plugged in ....and see the glorious color of the bathroom walls. I want a table that color.

  4. Just in case we get to choose, I want the copper tub and the butterfly collection! Have fun at Rosemary Beach - I am jealous. And yes, I will pass on a little hoot to my Chi O from you!

  5. If that's pure Gwen Style than I'm a fan of yours! I agree, that house is amazing... loving every single detail! Thanks so much for sharing it.
    Your newest follower :)
    la dolfina

  6. now that is one stunning place - love all these images!

  7. The whole colour combinations are amazing...Especially the living room...And there is that bath...breathtaking!
    Kisses and enjoy your day:)

  8. Looks a very British style building. Maybe a London semi/terrace, though saying that, it looks similar to the layout of my home and that is in Northern England.Was it from World of Interiors or House/Home & Gardens?

  9. These are all just breathtaking! Thanks for sharing them here!

  10. This place is stunning. Not only is it furnished beautifully, it has such amazing architectural details!

  11. HI Gwen,
    I like this house,a gorgeus bathroom,

  12. hi gwen! like you said, 'a neutral palette with sparks of color'- wow, this is exactly what i attempt go for in my home. now you just inspired me and am now doubt free as to what kind of fabric to use for my salvaged furniture. i enjoyed viewing your work and collection of photos. don't want to miss any of your post! have a fabulous evening! verbena cottage

  13. I love this too. What a fabulous gray! I am wild about all the pops of color. I am very fond of monochromatic rooms, but will never be able to bury the gal inside of me that just loves color. Have a great trip.

  14. I seriously love that last powder room. The dark walls and trim are incredible! Gorgeous space all around!

  15. OK...I was going to comment about that copper tub, but from reading Hill Country House Girl's comment Im lead to believe that you just might be a Lucky Chi O! Me Too !! That's certainly more important than a copper bathtub (which is very cool!) Im sure Im an older hootie than you, but its always fun to connect with another.
    epsilon zeta 1970

  16. Yes, the little lavender chandelier adds a bit of whimsy with it's color. These rooms are all so pretty in a very delicate way. xx's

  17. Okay, I'm starting early, but this post will most definitely be included in my Cups of Tea. I want to live here too - it simply gorgeous. The foyer and the neutral palette as you stated with pops of color. I could easily relax here and be inspired here at the same time. Fantastic post lady! =) Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

  18. Beautiful! I'm with you, if I had this bathroom I might even floss EVERYDAY just to bask in the glory.
    Loving your blog...thank you endlessly for your kind comment on my guest post at The Shiny Pebble.
    Cannot wait to see what you do for Catherine!

  19. The love is shared: thank you for these images. The contrast between cool gray and hot red is wonderful.

  20. I just adore the blue/grey colour wall & cabinetry colour in your last image Gwen. One day in another house, I'll be brave, I promise.
    Millie ^_^

  21. I love the idea of having a signature colour, like your touch of lavender in every design work. I will be looking for it on my dining room in a couple of weeks. I just love how you share tidbits like that. From now on I will be searching for a signature colour for myself. :)

  22. I agree - i love this style and yours! The kitchen is the prefect gray! KG

  23. Thank you for the tour, Gwen! All beautiful! And any room with gray and small touches of color makes my heart race!

    ox, Mon


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